Thread is an independent online literary publication featuring short personal essays (Thread) and flash nonfiction (Stitch) that illuminate moments of human experience by established and emerging writers. For more about the people who help craft Thread and Stitch, go to the Contributors page.

In September 2016, an essay in Thread earned a spot in the Best American Essays Notable list. Kudos to Randy Osborne and his essay in the Fall 2015 issue, “Seaside Bohemia” for its well-deserved praise! Earlier in the year, Thread received a four-star review in The Review Review and a short feature in New Pages. In June 2015, I was delighted to contribute an essay for the Brevity blog about the decision about whether or not to go with themes for Thread.

Because, in addition to my being Thread and Stitch‘s editor and publisher, I am also a writer, I am committed to supporting contributors. I work with every writer on every line of every essay to be sure that we agree on all editorial changes. I submit essays to the Best American Essays and Pushcart Awards every year and I offer Thread/Stitch writers space on the site to showcase and sell their books.

The publication is supported through the Thread Reading Series and reduced-fee manuscript reviews with a mission to make Thread and Stitch self-sustaining. These dollars help cover web hosting for the publication and graphic design.

If you would like to support Thread outside of admission and attendance at the live lit events, consider contributing by way private donation, cross promotion or subscribing. Support is good for all of us!

About the Editor

Ellen Blum Barish headshot
Ellen Blum Barish

I’ve spent my professional life in publishing and communications but creating Thread is the result of a long-time dream to publish poignant and provocative essays that expose and connect us. I believe that’s what we do when we make art from life.

Find out more about my writing, teaching and coaching on my website or LinkedIn page. You can also read a recent interview with me in my hometown newspaper here.

If you are looking for a taste of my essays – the writing I love the most – click around below. My pieces have appeared in Full Grown People, Tablet, Literary Mama, The Chicago Tribune and Northwestern Magazine. Several of my essays have aired on Chicago Public Radio and my book of essays, Views from the Home Office Window: On Motherhood, Family and Life  is available on Amazon.com.

“A Reluctant Professor. A Grateful Coach,” EBB & Flow, November 18, 2017

“It’s Not Easy Being Short,” EBB & Flow, November 3, 2017

“A Living Sanctuary,” Beth Emet The Free Synagogue, October 2017

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That Which We Call a Rose, EBB & Flow, June 28, 2017

“Time it Was And What a Time It Was” EBB & Flow, May 20, 2017

“The Name You Give Yourself,” Story Club Magazine, October 28, 2015

“The Reunion,” Medill Magazine, September 2015

“An Introduction to Thread: Essay & Image,” Brevity Blog, June 4, 2015

“Soul Time,” Beth Emet The Free Synagogue  2015

“Thank You, Mrs. Rosensweig,” Tiferet, Honorable Mention – Nonfiction, Fall 2014

“Strawberries in the Driveway” Full Grown People, 2014

“Love Letter,” Essay Fiesta, January 2014

“A Surprising Lesson in the Concert Hall” Classical Minnesota Public Radio,  2014

“The Power of a Circle: Standing Hand-in-Hand to Overcome Discrimination,” Tablet, 2014

“Messy Love,” Story Sessions, July 2013

“Exposed” Literary Mama, November 4, 2012

“At the Heart of the Matter,” Northwestern Magazine, Spring 2006

Photo by Suzanne Plunkett