Freedom’s Scent

I grab my stack of files and head to the lockup door on the east side of the courtroom. I’m […]

Bravest Boy

I try to imagine you at forty-seven now, in a button-down sweater and those little glasses sliding down your nose, […]


It must have been late 1974 or early 1975.  Luz was a senior, a year ahead of me. She had […]

It Was Just a Lamp

Yeah, he threw a lamp across the room, but I was outside on the balcony so all I knew of […]

Consolation Cat

The worst part was coming home at night and shutting the door behind me. That’s when widowhood hit me the […]

Thunder Road

Bruce Springsteen and I have a lot in common. My dad’s name is Bruce and Bruce Springsteen’s daughter is named […]