On Going Up

I don’t need to ask where we’re going. I trust this driver. I trust her sense of direction, and I […]

water scientist

Anything You Want

There’s a block of Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village where you can get anything you want.  A city block with […]

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Gas Shortage

It was 1973, and there were long lines at the gas station. The Yom Kippur war was the cause, although […]

An Act of Charity

The summer my wife, Carrie, and I went on a road trip out west to Yellowstone Park, it was the […]

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The Tractor

When I walk through our woods in northwestern Indiana, especially the barren woods at the end of winter, I see […]

Annette & Grandpa on Tractor (1971) 2
Taco Bell

Another Guy’s Shoes

Don’t ask why we were in Taco Bell. We never go to fast food joints, and when it comes to […]