Shapes in the Grass

He gouges the blade into the soft flesh of the tree. Sap spills from the heartwood, coating the blade’s belly […]

Flat-Bottomed Canoes of the New River

I never wanted to share the dawn.  This slow August sunrise on the New River belonged to me.  Patterns in […]

Tending Imaginary Sheep

“Mama, can you help me shear my sheep?” Although we live in a big city apartment, my three-year-old is blossoming […]

A Ring Over Time

Recently, I had to face the fact that a ring I wear all the time could no longer be twisted […]

Lentil Soup in Yiayia’s Kitchen

The first time I died I wasn’t ready to go. Papou pulled me out of that thick fog, and said […]

Through the Wall

I had been the only English-speaking tenant in my building for almost five years when my New York story happened. […]