Ten of Swords

Last summer when I unpacked a cardboard box after moving into a new apartment, I stumbled on a thick moleskin […]

Ghost Toast

As a child growing up in South Africa, my toast was made almost exclusively with whole wheat bread. It was […]

The Soft Imperative

I ask my wife, “What language do they speak in Macedonia?” It’s a Friday morning. This is our pre-breakfast quiet […]

Homeland Security

One sunny Monday, moments after I pick up my toddlers from preschool, hand them each an apple and tell them […]

Deep Ellum

I have a feeling that one day an Uber driver is going to say something that unlocks my understanding of […]

Spoils of War

I first saw the unlucky number 169 taunting me in the newspaper on July 2, 1970 under the headline, “Results of […]