Thread is an independent online literary publication featuring short personal essays (Thread) and flash nonfiction (Stitch) that illuminate moments of human experience by established and emerging writers. For more about the people who help craft Thread and Stitch, go to the Contributors page.

The Fall Issue was the publication’s fourteenth edition. In May 2019, Thread celebrated its fifth anniversary!

Essays in Thread have earned spots on the Best American Essays Notable list. Kudos to Tom McGohey for “Cicero’s Hands” (Fall 2018), Richard Holinger’s “The Art of Passivity” and Randy Osborne for “Seaside Bohemia” for their well-deserved praise! Thread received a four-star review in The Review Review.

I work with every writer on every line of every essay to be sure that we agree on all editorial changes. I submit essays to the Best American Essays every year and I offer Thread/Stitch writers space on the site to showcase and sell their books.

About the Editor

I’ve spent my professional life in publishing and communications but creating Thread is the result of a long-time dream to publish poignant and provocative essays that expose and connect us. I believe that’s what we do when we make art from life.

In June 2018, I was honored by my hometown with it’s Artistic Award of Excellence. You can read more about that here. You can also hear more about the origins of Thread in my first podcast interview. Find out more about my writing, teaching and coaching on my website or LinkedIn page. You can also read an interview with me in my hometown newspaper here.

If you are looking for a taste of my essays – the writing I love the most – check out the Writing page of my website. My pieces have appeared in Full Grown People, Tablet, Literary Mama, The Chicago Tribune and Northwestern Magazine. Several of my essays have aired on Chicago Public Radio and my book of essays, Views from the Home Office Window: On Motherhood, Family and Life  is available on Amazon.com.

Photo by Suzanne Plunkett