A Picture’s Worth

Red Skier“Red Skier,” Thompsonville, Michigan, 2009,  $35

I took some time off from this blog for a few months to put my energy into some personal writing projects  – stay tuned for more on that – and also, to prepare for my first photographic exhibition.

Hanging photographs in a public space was never an intention of mine. I’ve mostly thought of my photography as the source of images that dovetail with the content of my blog or as a way to share parts of my life on Facebook. But as I think about the loveliest turns of events in my life, I’m reminded that best ones came by surprise. Just like this did.

And I’m pleased to report that social media, often the subject of much criticism, seeded this. My friend, Lori Dube, who provides the great energy and communications for a delightful cafe known as Curt’s Cafe on Central Street in Evanston, has liked many of my photographs on Facebook. A few months ago, when I was in the cafe ordering my favorite green drink (a pineapple-kale concoction that is utterly delectable), Lori asked, “When are we going to get your photographs to hang here at Curt’s?”


Here are my photographs on the wall at Curt’s Cafe

Amazing how motivating it is when someone you admire urges you on, offering you space to do your thing. That began my journey to connect with this thing I’ve been doing for many years,  a skill that came with writing and editing for publications with little or no photography budgets. I went through hundreds of photographs, selected ones that were frame-worthy and meaningful and then purchased affordable frames. When pulled them all together, I was delighted to discover that there was an actual theme connecting them. And voila! A small collection I’ve called “Building, Bark, Leaf and Light” that zeroes in on the texture and light of tree bark and root, plant petal and leaf, building, sculpture and even household items like a kitchen colander. How much these images are like human skin, acting as beautiful boundaries separating them from everything else.

All of the photographs, except the one above, were taken with an iphone camera. About half of them were enhanced with boosts to exposure, saturation, definition or sharpness.

I hope that those of you who live in the Chicago area will take a ride over to Curt’s to get up close to see them and then stay for the yummy homemade soup or a cappucino. The exhibit will be up through March.

Tree Tufts“Tree Tufts,” Sarasota, Florida, 2012  $65

Urtica Bark

“Urtica,” Ithaca, New York, 2012. $65

 Wet Suit Blue

“Blue Wet Suit,” Santa Barbara, California, 2012. $65  


“Lily,” Skokie, Illinois, 2011. $55


 “Uprooted,” Sarasota, Florida, 2012. $65

sunrise in san fran

“Sunrise over San Francisco,” San Francisco, California, 2013. $65

Muscle Grass

“Muscle Grass,” San Francisco, California, 2013. $55

Finger Lake

“Finger Lake,” Ithaca, New York, 2012. $35

Colander of Light
“Colander of Light,”  Sarasota, Florida, 2011. $65

Leaf Trance

“Leaf Trance,” Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin, 2013. $35

Wet Suit Green“Green Wet Suit,” Santa Barbara, California, 2012. $65


“Ladybug,” Skokie, Illinois, 2013. $35

Lantern Light

“Lantern Light,” Lake Forest, Illinois  2012. $35

Rainbow Bark

“Spectrum,” San Francisco, California, 2013. $35

Eye on Times Square

“Eye on Times Square,” New York City, NY, 2013. $65

Wet Suit Red

“Red Wet Suit,” San Francisco, California, 2013. $55