Summer Snaps

IMG_2714Stunner of a rainbow on Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado

IMG_2536 Turtles doing whatever it is turtles do on a log in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

IMG_2681Wings of the plane that took me to Colorado

IMG_3231View of Garden of the Gods from a deck across the street, Colorado Springs, Colorado

ladybugsLadybugs doing the ladybug dance on a stone sculpture, Boulder, Colorado

IMG_3219View from patio lunch table at Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder, Colorado

IMG_3535Spider hanging from a thread, spinning his or her web overhead. View from hammock.

IMG_2486My favorite place of all. Backyard hammock in Skokie, Illinois. More about this to come….


4 thoughts on “Summer Snaps

  1. Stunning photos! I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE how your artistry in writing has translated so beautifully into yet another medium!!! Kudos on your discovery, Ellen! – Best, Judy

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