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Simply put, Thread is made possible through love and joy. Love of personal narrative and the joy of publication.

All of the contributors, including its editor (that’s me), provide Thread with content in an effort to make something beautiful and provocative to read. For free.

It’s really satisfying but also, time consuming. There are actual costs like web hosting and graphic design. My goal has always been for Thread to be self-sustaining.

If you aren’t local to Chicago and/or can’t make it to any of Thread’s live lit readings (see Live Lit for a taste of what those events are like), and you’d like to be a part of a literary community, consider helping in these ways:

  • Subscribe.
  • Donate. Email me to find out how.
  • Cross promote. Thread will promote your literary service, event or product for the same from your business or organization. Previous exchanges have included The Goodman Theatre, Bookends & Beginnings bookstore, The Curragh and Tommy Nevin’s Pub.

With gratitude,