The Writer as Teller

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Fingertips tapping keys. Pencil or pen scratching paper.  Body shifting in the seat. Chair legs rearranging themselves on the floor.

These are sounds that a writer makes.

But the sound a storyteller makes as she spins her yarn is entirely different. The words may be the same, but there’s the sound of her voice, a microphone to amplify it, and if all goes well, chuckles for the funny parts and nods of understanding from the listeners.

Human connection.

Which is at the heart of live lit productions.

Like the one I am delighted to be in at Essay Fiesta on Monday, January 20th with several other tellers.

Venture over to The Book Cellar, browse the bookshelves, get a latte or a glass of wine and settle in for an evening of heartfelt stories. The show starts at 7 pm, but I urge you to get there closer to 6:30 if you want a seat as they go quickly!

Photo of me and with my baby brother, Adam, in a moment of connection. Courtesy of the Blum archives.