Photo Prompt

A light snow is falling this afternoon along the North Shore of Chicago. It’s nothing like the deep fallen snow in the photograph below, taken in northern Michigan of my husband, cross-country skiing around the perimeter of a park. But the precipitation feels like potential, a prompt. I offer it here. Lose yourself in the whiteness and see what comes from your fingertips.

red skiier in woods:EBB


Holding Hands

e & dad: b & w

My father and I in 1962/1963.

There are so many ways to connect current events – the present – to a personal past to highlight it’s meaning.

An example from my own life: 

What does inauguration day and Martin Luther King’s birthday have to do with a memory of me holding hands with my father and at a civil rights rally forty years ago? I reflected on the connection between two of these events last year for WBEZ. 

You can listen to it  here.