Summertime … and the Writing’s Not Easy

ITDunya creditSummer, literarily speaking, is the season most likely not to meet expectations.

We think, somewhat logically, that the longer, lighter, lazier days of June-July-August offer us more time to read a book a week or to finish that essay. There’s truth to it. But those same days also tempt us to languish a little, slow down, and turn our wordy-thinky brains down a notch or two. We’re so tired and the lounge chair-hammock-beach towel just calls.

So there it is, summer’s possibility where reading and writing is concerned – versus its probability. I urge you to embrace this tension and let go of expectations. Bringing the words close is a uniquely human act and we humans are easily distracted. We just can’t help it.

That said, I want to leave you with a few thoughts on the subject of writing, specifically, for summer. Or you can think of these as thoughts brought to you in summer to help you make  fall plans.

My schedule loosens up in summer for private coaching sessions for all kinds of writing goals. To give you an idea of what people work on with a writing coach:

I’ve been working with a woman on a memoir of her year in Paris; a young man on personal essays for possible publication; a graduate student on her application essays for a further graduate degree and a college sophomore on improving his writing for his writing assignments.

Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to talk about the different ways I work with writers (and how I work with people who might not call themselves writers.)

Take a look at the fall New Trier Extension catalogue for my workshop called “Reading, Writing and Telling the Personal Essay” which begins in October on Wednesday afternoons.

And stay tuned for information about a fall evening workshop that is under construction at the moment.

One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up ready

To spread your wings and take to the sky …

And I’ll be here when the timing is right.

Happy summer!

Photo by ITDunya and Waterlogue